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WAVE Evaluation Tool
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WAVE Evaluation Tool

Enhance Web Accessibility with the WAVE Chrome Extension

As someone who values inclusivity and accessibility on the web, I understand the importance of ensuring that web content is accessible to all users. That's why I turned to the WAVE Chrome extension, a web accessibility evaluation tool developed by WebAIM.org. With a total rating of 4.1 based on user reviews, I was eager to see how this tool could enhance the accessibility of my web pages.

What is WAVE?

WAVE stands for Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and is designed to provide visual feedback on the accessibility of web content. When using the WAVE Chrome extension, icons and indicators are injected into your page, offering valuable insights into potential accessibility issues. It's important to note that while WAVE is an automated tool, it is not a substitute for human evaluation. Instead, it serves as a facilitator, educating users about accessibility issues and guiding them towards making their web content more inclusive.

How Does WAVE Work?

The WAVE Chrome extension operates entirely within the Chrome browser, ensuring secure evaluation of various web pages, including intranet, local, password-protected, and other sensitive pages. By simply clicking on the WAVE icon located beside the browser address bar or selecting "WAVE this page" from the context menu, you can generate a comprehensive WAVE report.

Empowering Human Evaluation

WAVE aligns its errors with WCAG 2.1 failures, making it easier for users to identify and address accessibility issues. Beyond error identification, the WAVE interface also supports human evaluation of other aspects of accessibility, including compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 standards.

Continuous Updates for Better Performance

With regular updates and enhancements, the WAVE Chrome extension strives to improve its functionality and user experience. The latest version, (June 2023), removes a warning message on UserWay pages to ensure a seamless evaluation process. Previous updates, such as version (June 2023), have enhanced accessibility tests and addressed minor bugs to provide users with accurate results.

Version 3.2.3 (March 2023) brought several bug fixes and improvements, including the reversion of a feature that caused confusion and false positives. Version 3.2 (December 2022) brought significant improvements, including over 100 bug fixes, faster testing, better compatibility, and a new Navigation Order panel for improved accessibility.

Since then, subsequent updates, such as version 3.1.6 (October 2021) and version 3.1.3 (November 2020), have continued to enhance performance, improve accessibility testing reliability, and fix minor bugs. The WAVE Chrome extension team is dedicated to ensuring a reliable and effective tool for web accessibility evaluation.

Users' Feedback and Experiences

Looking at user reviews, it's evident that the WAVE Chrome extension has made a positive impact on many users' accessibility efforts. Teri Brooks praises the extension for its comprehensive and easy-to-understand layout, highlighting its ability to identify issues that other extensions might miss. However, she expresses concern about granting permission to read browser history.

Mitchell Christensen expresses gratitude for the usefulness of the WAVE tool in ensuring accessibility for hundreds of sites, while Jared Reid shares a frustrating experience with the extension not working properly. Other users, like Rocky Kev and A D, have successfully utilized WAVE to update and ensure accessibility for their websites.


The WAVE Chrome extension is a powerful tool for improving web accessibility. With its visual feedback, alignment with accessibility standards, and continuous updates, it empowers users to evaluate and enhance the accessibility of their web content. Despite some minor concerns and occasional issues, the positive user experiences and the overall rating of 4.1 demonstrate the effectiveness and value of this tool in creating a more inclusive online experience for all users.

Provides visual feedback about web accessibility

Facilitates human evaluation and educates about accessibility issues

All analysis is done entirely within the Chrome browser

No automated tool can tell you if your page is accessible

May cause user confusion and false positives in some cases

138 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension
Benjamin Porter

Really handy dev tool for checking accessibility of a page. There's also a firefox version

Robson Mafra

The WAVE plugin is excelente and align with WCAG! Give all the basic validations all developers should check and give instructions how to improve. I recommend for all developers, specially for people starting with accessibility.

Jared Reid

This does not work. I was unable to highlight anything after making sure it was enabled with permissions, and trying it in both an updated Chrome and Edge browser separately. Nothing gets highlighted or saved, even on a Google search page.

Teri Brooks

I added a bunch of similar extensions and none of them worked properly, or they only provided some info but required you to sign up to get the "full" experience. But this one is fantastic and provides all the details I need in an easy to understand layout. It finds stuff that other extensions missed, and it's quick and doesn't slow down the browser. Being able to toggle between showing the styles or hiding them is a nice touch. My only issue is that by using this extension, I give them permission to read my browser history. What on earth do they need that for? That's a bit of a concern.

Tony Langford

It's a pretty useful tool, but there are some annoyances that make it hard to work with: 1) On the details pane you can check and uncheck the type of errors/warnings to show, we are doing our first round of testing an improvements and so want to focus on just Errors/Contrast Errors. But these settings do not persist, each page it's open extension, details tab, uncheck all these warning/aria sections.... allow these settings to persist please! 2) It's static. We have a React JS UI. The page is changing as the user uses it, the extension however only looks at the page at the point the extension loads. So you have to turn it off, wait for the page to reload, make sure its back at the new state you want it, and then turn it back on.... Just takes far too long. 3) It messes up styles, things get shifted off the page which makes it difficult to see certain problems

Ermes Mox

Slow, old, with a lot of issues. It's time to update and improve this tool.

Mitchell Christensen

Great tool. Thank you for providing such a useful tool for accessibility

Rocky Kev

Used this to update and ensure accessibility for hundreds of sites.

Kim Tan

Can't seem to get it to work on the latest version of chrome :(

Arron D

This used to work for local html files. It no longer does? Edit: You need to enable file access in the extension settings. This is an extremely helpful tool.

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